A 2022 survey by Brightlocal reported that about half of consumers trust online reviews JUST AS MUCH as they trust commendations from family and friends.

A 2015 survey reported that almost 60% of consumers look at online product reviews at least once a week and more than 90% of those people believe it helps them make better shopping decisions.

And also the number of reviews that shops have help to give customers an idea how reliable they are. If Bob's Transmission Repair has 5 stars but only 2 reviews and Alan's Transmission Repair has 5 stars and 201 reviews, many people would rather trust the one with the greater number of reviews. After all, it may have been Bob's uncle and aunt who gave those two reviews!

So how does one get more reviews? Most customers are usually just relieved to get their work done and don't bother to leave a review either way.

And just as importantly, human nature is such that people who are ANGRY about the service they received are more likely to go out of their way to leave a review than people who were satisified with their service.

So we at Auto Web Services have a suite of handy tools that are designed to gently encourage your clients to send you reviews. This can explode your positive reviews so that your potential clients can see what a wonderful job you are doing.

Good Reviews Are The Oil in Your Engine

Put yourself in your customer's shoes. They have needed repairs or other maintenance work but they wonder: Who should I trust with our car? With many automotive repair shops to choose from, how do they make that important choice?

Well, for most people, online reviews may be a huge factor. When given the choice to go to Shop A with 1.8 stars or Shop B with 4.8 stars, who do you think Joe Customer is likely to call first? Yep. Reviews matter.

It is also important to remember that Google reviews, while they are important and in fact are probably the most important type of reviews to get, are not the ONLY place that customers look for feedback on your company.

As you can see in the graph on this page, in a Brightlocal survey, while 63% of consumers look to Google reviews, nearly as many people, 54%, go to Facebook to get reviews and information about their local businesses.

And also critically, 32% of people go to Yelp for reviews. Yelp is also important for iPhone users, as Apple Maps automatically places Yelp reviews as their only review source. In other words, when a person searches Apple Maps on their iPhone, the Yelp reviews pop up very prominently. (See the picture for Dentists in S. Diego as an example.)

We also want to display our good reviews prominently on our website, and Auto Web Services can help handle that so that is taken care of in a flash. We can help you display your Google, Facebook and Yelp reviews directly on your website. This builds trust with your potential clients, saying to them that you are indeed, the repair shop for their job.

In summary, good ratings and reviews are like fresh oil for your engine, needed maintenance for your repair business.

We at Auto Web Services can help you get nearer to that coveted 5-star rating which leads to increased customer trust, loyalty and the ability to leave your competition in the dust.

Contact us today and we can help your business grow with better ratings and reviews.