Does Your Car Repair Website Have a Flat Tire?

Using an outdated old website for your car repair business is like pulling up for a date in an old jalopy with a bad set of shock absorbers. It doesn't exactly put your best foot forward.

But with a fresh professional website, you can impress potential customers with your skills and experience. You can flaunt your team's qualifications, share customer reviews, and show everyone you're the real deal.

At Auto Web Services, we have an experienced website design team at your fingertips who are ready to build you a new mobile-friendly site that will gleam like the shiny finish on a red Corvette.

What about those slow periods when your mechanics aren't busy? With an updated coupons and special offers section to your website, you can get the word out about your promotions right where people can see them. We can also help you promote these special offers via email, text messaging and WhatsApp.

Your new website can (and should) be filled with details about all the different types of work that you do, and we are happy to provide pages on the subspecialties of work that your shop performs, such as:

  • Brake repair

  • Engine repair

  • Transmission repair

  • Suspension repair

  • Electrical system repair

  • Air conditioning repair

  • Fuel system repair

  • Exhaust system repair

  • Power steering repair

  • Ignition system repair

  • Cooling system repair

And much, much more.

The more detailed and specific information you write about your services, the more likely you will jump to the first page of Google's search results, which means more people will consider you to get their repairs done.

With some tech magic called SEO (Search Engine Optimization), your site will be more likely to pop up in all the right places when people look for car repair services nearby. So more folks will find you online, even if they have not heard of your shop before.

So call us today at 267-907-7898 for a free consultation so you too can have that "new website smell."

an old blue truck parked on the side of the road
an old blue truck parked on the side of the road